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Our Services

Our Services

Our Core Services

Legal Translation

It is a translation which shall be verified officially to be used in official purposes, in order that it would be authenticated for any court or governmental institution in any country.

Commercial Translation

The commercial translation service with us provides a translation for:

  • Correspondences.
  • Financial Statements (Accounts of Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, Statement of Cash Flows & Annual Reports).
  • Commercial Reports.
  • International marketing publications (advertising brochures, letters of selling & bulletins).

Technical Translation

The main goal of the most of technical texts and their translation is represented in conveying the information in a correct form, ethaacht industry has its respective terms which should be conveyed in a correct form in the foreign language. These translations include not limited to (Space, Communications, Engineering, Medicine, Astronomy, Chemistry & Physics, Electronics, Biology, Pharmacy, Information Technolog, Transport etc.)

Writing and Revising

The revised, translated documents plays a role in the success of your company, because the first impression will be formed with the customer when you provide your documents in an accurate language. After the process of revising, you can be assured that the required document is error-free and thoroughly reviewed to ensure a homogenous structure. As Quality is our watch word and our pivotal objective, we conduct a stringent triple stage (TPE) quality control procedure to ensure an accurate, precise and perfectly crafted document.

Our services are provided round the clock and all through the week, including weekends. We put in our minds that you are the customer and that we are the party who meets your needs, and we respect your privacy. The translation services in the company are undertaken by a team of experienced specialists in the various target languages. Our team includes specialists in technical, academic, commercial, legal, medical, educational fields. Our translation services cover several languages such as (Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Holland, Bangladeshi, Urdu, etc.) and several translation disciplines.

Government Services

Visa services (USA,UK,Schengen,Turkey)

School Admissions

University Admissions in Qatar