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About Us

High Professional Translation Company

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Al Amal Typing and Certified Translation Company has been established in 2005. Its headquarters is located at the State of Qatar, Kulaib Team, Al Kuwari Market, Opposite Al Jazeera Channel. The company's goal is to carry out your translation works round the day and all through the week.

The company is adopting a new concept of financial translation. It is not an ordinary translation company, due to the fact that it is distinguished by specialization in medical, legal, commercial, and financial translation. Also, the company has a long career in technical and technological translation. The company has teamwork that is considered one of the most efficient translators with the highest degrees from Arabian and Foreign universities.



Our Mission

Our mission is represented in connecting the correct linguistic text with the material translated into the main languages.

Delivery and Prices

We, at Al Amal Translation Company, deal with every translation as a separate unit. The price is determined in accordance with the following factors:

  1. Source language.
  2. Number of words.
  3. Type of the translated text: general or specialized.
  4. Time of delivery: ordinary or urgent.
  5. 0ther special requirements

Discount is allowable, in case the material offered for translation is voluminous or if the translation belongs to permanent customers.

Service of Receiving and Handing over

We offer to our customers the service of receiving and handing over to all areas inside and outside the State of Qatar. The list of customers of the company includes customers from all over the Arab world. We provide comprehensive services for individuals, companies, and organizations, in many languages and with a specialized professional management to ensure obtaining ideal results in all works.

It is noteworthy that the list of our customers includes the leading multinational and international companies. We seek for gaining the confidence of our customers, with our ability to accomplish all their orders at the specified time, and make sure that their commercial activities are crowned with success.

It is of our great pleasure that we would gain confidence of our customers inside and outside the country, most notably:

  • First: Governmental Departments, Administrations and Institutions of Qatar.
  • Second: Law firms.
  • Third: Private companies and establishments.
  • Fourth: Governmental, Independent and Private Schools.

Privacy and Confidentiality of Information

Our company complies with full confidentiality in translating all documents which we receive from our customers, and we deal with any translation from our customers on a basis that they are private and confidential documents. Our translators deal with extremely accurate information. We, at Al Amal Translation Company, perceive the importance of confidentiality in dealing with information we obtain. As a result thereof, the course of work which we follow, reflects our understanding of this principle and our respecting of it. We protect any documents or materials we receive from our customers, through various levels of security procedures. It is not permissible that the work would be seen, except by the individuals to whom we assign work. Moreover, each translator working with us is requested to sign a mutual agreement for ensuring the conditionality of work and undertaking not to disclose what is contained therein of information. Also, we are pleased to sign with you an agreement of non-disclosure of the secrets of the translated work.


We, at Al Amal Translation Company, hand over your translated projects which are assigned to us, at the time which is specified by you and in the form which you want. Also, we follow very strict procedures to control quality, and we have no exceptions that lead to breach of quality.

High Quality and Superior Speed

We, on establishing our company, had adhered to provide quality in all our works in order that we would provide a high quality, which you will feel about its results by yourself. We can provide a supreme quality translation service thanks to the collaboration of the efforts of translators, the flexible management of projects, and the highly accurate quality systems which we follow. Also, we hire professional publishers and experts who re-form your documents, in order that they would seem as a document being written by one of the sons of targeted language, not as a translated document. After that, we certify and authenticate all translation which we carry out, because we perceive that you would use them in legal actions.